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About us

The brand- “MANOGYA’ is a tread towards venturing into the world of distinguishing a designed to uniqueness product from a regular product. Started by Manogya, a designer from his essence, he loves to carve out the most unusual yet obvious signature products from the readily accessible unnoticed bits and pieces. His name is synomymous with the new age design that is at once asubversive and influential.

Right from the stage of basic idea generation to bringing the idea in actual is the hard slog done by the squad of our ingenious designers. You can see, touch, feel and possess these signature products nowhere and with no one except us. The most interesting thing about these product is, be its color, shape, texture or size; you can completely customize them as per your need. The complete venture is to add uniqueness & exclusivity in whatever we use our daily life.

To enjoy the state of difference, Let’s Explore New.